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Alloy – The What’s, Where’s and Why’s

Alloy – The What’s, Where’s and Why’s An aluminium alloy can consist of a combination of any two or more metals. The distinguishing characteristic is that the metal blend contains more aluminum than any of the other metallic elements. Zinc, copper and manganese are three of the metals most frequently found in these mixtures. What …

Aluminium Fabrication Is All Around You

Aluminium Fabrication Is All Around You Do you ever wonder where things come from? If you don’t, you should! Most of the things in your daily life could be the result of aluminium fabrication. For years, aluminium has been recognized as a reliable and versatile material, when it comes to the aluminium fabrication of everything …

Aluminium and Wooden Greenhouses

Aluminium and Wooden Greenhouses The greenhouses is a vital part of the back garden in UK, and if you have a garden, chances are you have a aluminium or greenhouse as well. With the damp and chilly weather so prevalent, the British gardener inevitably gravitates indoors — or at least into a protected area such …

Aluminium- Best Material for Roofing

Aluminium- Best Material for Roofing If you take a quick look around the room, you would be able to find objects that made from aluminium. This metal is one of the most popular on earth, it has a number of applications that feature in our daily lives. One of the best applications for aluminium today …

Aluminium: A Peek into the Now and the Future

Aluminium: A Peek into the Now and the Future Fulfilling the human imagination Although many term aluminium as a somewhat young metal in the history of our civilization when compared to iron and steel, this versatile material has in recent decades risen to relative prominence in terms of production volume and usage demand. Aluminium exhibits …

What Architects Say About Aluminium Roofing?

Aluminium is a favoured material by many architects in tropical Malaysia. This versatile and sustainable material has been widely utilised in local design and architecture. Whether as part of functional roofing and cladding systems or used aesthetically in exterior or interior designs, aluminium is an emerging material of choice today.

Behind the Scenes: Iconic Structures of the World

Architectural brilliance sometimes strikes with a sudden flash of inspiration. Yet, beyond inspiration, the creative forms and innovative functions of outstanding architecture around the world are in essence the product of our everyday construction tools and materials. Indeed, the greatest of buildings, the tallest of skyscrapers and the most iconic of architectural structures around the world are built one brick at a time, one steel bar after another, one aluminium panel over the next.

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