Aluminium VS Steel, which metal better?

If you are asked what you thought the most popular metal was, what would be your first reaction? For most people, they would probably say either steel or aluminium, and they would be correct. Both of these metals are being used in a number of applications across the world every single day. But is one of these materials better than the other?

Aluminium VS Steel

  • Aluminium is a highly lightweight material. Therefore, it perfectly suited to plenty of construction and building works. Steel, on the other hand, is two-thirds heavier, which makes it more difficult to work with.
  • Aluminium offers the same yield strength as steel. It offering the ability to be combined with a number of other substances, like manganese, magnesium, silicon, copper and zinc. These combinations are aimed at increasing strength, malleability or corrosion resistance.
aluminium metal
  • Aluminium highly resistant to corrosion. When used on the exterior of building, it can become scratched and dented but will not begin to rust as steel does.

Aluminium is preferred metal

  • Steel is known to undergo dramatic crystal transformations at certain temperatures and to change its color when heated. While Aluminium’s crystal structure does not change when it is heated or cooled.
  • Steel is known to very quickly lose its shine and color, especially when exposed to the elements. Whereas aluminium retains its attractive sheen over time.
  • Aluminium has an electrical conductivity that is six times greater than steel. Hence, it is much more suited for use in applications that require an electrical current to pass through it.
  • Steel is the least preferred material for cookware due to its poor conductor of heat and doesn’t distribute it evenly. In comparison to this, aluminium is preferred material for cookware because of its fast heating capabilities and cost effectiveness.

You have the choice between using aluminium and using steel for a particular application, remember the extensive list above and opt for the former material. The truth is aluminium as a material is much more preferable to steel due to lighter and easier to work with. Besides, it is just as strong as steel and resistant to corrosion. Moreover, it stays attractive for long periods of time and it has excellent electrical conductivity.

By John K. Taylor 

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