Aluminium and Its Wide Range of Uses

Aluminium is one of the widely used metals, and the demand is increasing. To the average consumer, most common of aluminium uses is perhaps to prepare certain utensils, window frames and maybe the versatile foil paper. However, aluminium has wide usage, it is utilized in countless products that affect our lives.

Aluminium Usage in Food Industry

• Beginning from the most commonly known uses, aluminium can mostly be seen all around the kitchen. From pans, pots to cooking utensils, cutlery, stove, microwave, fridge and even the bins are prepared from aluminium. It is because of lightweight and it can be processed to any thickness or thinness. Besides, there is no shortage of this metal as it is completely recyclable too. Furthermore, it is earth-friendly and the process of recycling it costs less than extracting it from bauxite ore each time.

• Next, aluminium is the favorite metal that is used in the packaging industry. All of the food tins and cans are created from it. This is because of its numerous properties mentioned above and the fact that it is completely non-toxic. Hence, it doesn’t react to the atmosphere or to the ingredients of the prepared food inside.

Aluminium Usage in Construction and Transportation

• The construction industry is also benefiting from this metal on a large scale. Besides the machinery that is being used to prepare different range of items, a lot of construction material is being prepared with aluminium as well. For instance, there are pipes, window frames, bridges, street lights, stair cases, railings, elevators, doors and other countless products.

aluminium uses

• Aluminium is light weight and malleable so it is widely being used in the transportation industry. Usage of aluminium in cars brings down the cost of its products and also makes it fuel efficient. Other transportation, like trains and airplanes have a good number of aluminium products too.

• Aluminium is a good conductor of both heat and electricity. Therefore, aluminium is widely use in the production of wires and transformers. Heaters and hot water geysers are also made from it.

By  Jyotsna Jo Ramani 

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