Aluminium Recycling – Committed to the Environment!

Awareness on environmental issues worldwide has tremendously increase. More and more companies emphasis on renewable, sustainable and eco-friendly processes, products and energy. And companies are following suit in going “Green” by recycling its aluminium by-products.

The recycling process is a way by which scrap aluminium can be re-used in products after its initial production. Raw aluminium process include mined, ultimately requiring a significant amount of energy to create the aluminium from the mined ore. Therefore, recycling aluminium saves on costs and is less labor and energy intensive than the creation of raw aluminium.

Green Drivers

By identifying the benefits of aluminium with regards to Green Manufacturing, there are certain aluminium extruders who actively engage in the process of becoming more “Green” by implementing ‘Green Drives’ such as recyclable, energy efficiency in the manufacturing process of recycled aluminium, CO2 emissions, corrosion resistance and durability.

Carbon Footprint reports and leading aluminium companies also recognized recycling aluminium can significantly reduce carbon footprints to ensure that their impact on the environment is proactively monitored.

Over the long-term, by recycling aluminium products and becoming energy-efficient, a significant global saving will be visible due to the reduction in costs associated with mines, landfills and the international shipping of the raw aluminium.

By Natassa Van Heerden 

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